Temperature’s heating up. It’s Halloween. The end of the year is right there; you can feel it. No better time to get moving and enjoy life. Want to ensure everyone knows? Try something extroverted? Like a fashion accessory from this category… You’ll be making a statement no one can ignore. Ears FTW.

Yep, we’ve returned from our spring break with more energy and enthusiasm than ever, and the #1 mission, of course, is to bring this shop back to sparkling life. Just give us a moment to unpack! If you’ve ordered while we were away, you can expect your items to ship within the next few days, as there’s a bit of a backlog here. Thank you for your patience & loyalty!

Update: All systems are go. Stocking and shipping as we speak.

Here at MooseGirl we pride ourselves on great customer service and a signature fashion collection. But MooseGirl is also a small family business, not a big anonymous corporation, so our lives do occasionally get in the way of business. Rather than sacrifice any of what makes MooseGirl such a great place to shop, we will temporarily close MooseGirl instead. While you can continue to order anytime, MooseGirl will not ship any items between 17th of September to the 5th of October inclusively. Rest assured, we will be back better than ever, with some wonderful updates to our shop planned for the next few weeks and months. Until then, don’t miss us too much, and see you again very soon (on the 6th of October!).

Ooh, it’s got to be new! We’re ready to show off the most recent additions to our eclectic/awesome portfolio, carefully selected for the absolute best in quality and value. You should accept nothing less, and neither do we. Watch out for some very beautiful headbands being added to our store soon, too.


It mightn’t be the best weather out there, but that shouldn’t stop you from desiring the absolute best in fashion. Our customers certainly don’t seem to be hiding in dark places, with such a wide range of colourful accessories headlining our winter sales charts. See below for our Top 17 sellers of Winter 2017!

As a side note, if you are shopping with us on your mobile device, it’s easy to miss the fact that you can actually save 10% on orders of >$40. Neat! Just enter the coupon code SAVE10 into your shopping bag.


Doesn’t matter whether it’s sunny or dreary outside, you can’t have too much style. So add some more style to your life with our newest additions to the Hair Scarves collection. Offered variously with or without twistable wires, these fashion miracles can be composed into just about any awesome shape and will go basically anywhere, not merely on your hair. Express your creativity today!

MooseGirl never stands still — we are adding (and selling out of) items all the time! Right now we have an awesome 969 different high quality items in stock, and many of these are available in various colours and sizes, too: we honestly haven’t been able to count! While it’s obviously terrific to be able to offer so much diversity and choice, it can be hard to work out what’s actually totally new here. Sorting by “Date added” generally helps! Alternatively, for your general information and inspiration, here’s a gallery of our 20 most recent arrivals. Remember, if they’re not your kind of thing, we have at least another 949 options on offer… 🙂



Our web shop and support emails were unavailable between last Friday (31/03/17) and Saturday due to the complete failure of our shop server. Despite heroic efforts by the hardware people, it took over 24h to restore the service. We apologise for any unhappiness and confusion this might have caused – and shall strive extra-hard to disrupt fashion shopping in a much less literal way!

To make up for it (at least a little bit), here’s a 20% off voucher for orders of $80 $70 and above. Enter the code SORRY20 before checkout to claim the discount. Hurry, it’s only valid until Easter Monday. 🙂

Show off your sense of style this autumn, as a season of fantastic new fashion has just arrived at MooseGirl. Ranging from effortlessly elegant headbands to stunningly imaginative belts, you will be spoilt for choice. The pursuit of ultimate self-expression has never been easier!

A selection of highlights is shown below, but browse our store for more.


Happy Valentine’s Day to every one of you! Did all your dreams come true? Did they include an appropriately huge selection of stunning gifts? Or are you missing something from your life? Fear not. Here at Moosegirl we have mastered the art of indulging oneself. Let us encourage you to do likewise by giving you a massive 20% discount on orders of $80 or more for the rest of the month! Enter the coupon code LOVETHISGIRL on checkout to apply this offer. It’s the scientifically proven way to treat any post-Valentine’s blues: by spoiling yourself with amazingly beautiful fashion accessories. Only at MooseGirl.